As a gentleman, a watch is the only acceptable piece of accessory that you can wear without arousing suspicion. Unlike women, we do not have the luxury of wearing just about anything that we want as there are rules that have to be followed if we were to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Having said that, a lot of people ask questions about how to properly wear a watch. For example, should they go for a good automatic watch or a digital watch would suffice?

Questions about how to wear watches properly will be explained in further detail in this article, so read until the end.

Where Should You Be Wearing Your Watch?

There is an on-going question that should definitely be addressed and the question is: Where should you be wearing your watch?

Well, the simple answer is always on the left hand. Time and again, people wear their watches on their left wrists simply because of tradition. But, the main reason why that is the case is that people are just accustomed to wearing their preferred timepieces on their non-dominant hand.

But if you ask me, so long as you are comfortable wearing your watch, it really doesn’t matter in this day and age where you decide to put it. If you are fine with wearing it on the left wrist, then go ahead.

Match Your Watch Based on the Occasion

One of the biggest crimes in wearing a watch is putting on a timepiece that is not appropriate for the event that you are going to attend. Just imagine someone wearing an oversized sports watch on a black-tie event, oh how horrible the thought is!

If you are going to go on a formal event, it is important that you go for those minimalist dress watches simply because you still want to wear a timepiece, albeit not too distracting as you do not want other peoples’ gaze to veer away from the suit you are wearing.

Think About the Rest of Your Outfit

What is the color of your belt and shoes? What is the main color of the clothes that you are wearing? Think about these things so that you can adjust your timepiece accordingly.

For instance, if you are going to use a watch with a leather strap, ideally, you want to pair it with brown shoes and a brown leather belt. For a safer option, go metal.

Be Mindful of Your Sleeves

When you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt, you want the sleeves to cover half of the entire timepiece. This not only looks good but it also ensures that people will not get distracted by your chosen timepiece.

Always Choose the Right Size

There is an ongoing trend where people wear oversized watches. Although it is quite trendy, I suggest that you still choose a watch that fits your wrist perfectly. Go against the grain by choosing the right-sized watch for you and eschew from the latest trend at all costs.