It is truly unfortunate that some people seem to think that having a memory box is childish and a waste of time. This mindset should perish especially in this modern era where hobbies like online gambling or forex trading have been made possible for us to enjoy. If you are interested in forex trading, you can check out the best forex trading brokers vietnam here for more details. This means that people should be more open-minded in this era where everything around us has been developing at a fast pace. So what exactly is a memory box? It is simply a box where you keep things you treasure over the years as you grow up and get older. The girls especially love adding their favorite items into their memory box so that they can open the box in the future. As they go through their personal collections, they would be reminded of the memories the items brought upon of the past. Some people keep their memory box with utmost care since it could be what they want to leave in this world as a proof of their living.

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Here are some of the items you can include in your memory box.


There could be nothing nostalgic than going through some old photos taken in the past. It is normal for people to capture the moments they love using the camera or smartphone. Almost every family has an album where they collect memorable photos of them with their family members and the person they love. Remember how your parents love to show off your baby pictures to your partner or friends? The same goes for you as you take photos of the people you hold dear to your heart. If you are a fan of polaroids, they are even more pretty and easy to handle these days. Hence, you should ensure to throw in a bunch of photos in your memory box.

Receipts And Bills

This might sound strange, however some people love keeping receipts and bills in their memory box. This is because what you want to put inside your memory box depends on you, really. There’s nothing wrong with keeping receipts from your item you bought using your first salary or a receipt from buying something super expensive gift for your Mom during Mother’s Day. Whatever makes you feel happy and you want to treasure the memory is a good choice for your special box. 

Movie Tickets

Other than that, some people love collecting movie tickets. Honestly, doing so is a very careful process since you have to make sure the ink on the ticket does not disappear or become smeared all over in the box. This is why the girls commonly place them inside a mini album before putting them in their memory box. It would be super nostalgic to go down the memory lane in the future as you see what movies you have watched and who had been accompanying you to the cinemas.

Last Words

All in all, here are some of the items you can include in your memory box. You know, it really is up to you what you want to include there and don’t bother thinking about others opinions.