I have learnt that natural dialectics and natural science are mutually reinforcing and co-developing and that their objects of study are the general laws of the development of nature and of science and technology, the general ways in which humans transform nature, and the role of science and technology in the development of society. I will briefly discuss my understanding of the relationship between science, technology and human society.
Science, an ordered system of knowledge based on testable explanations and predictions about the form and organisation of objective things, is the knowledge that has been systematised and formalised; technology is the totality of science that is valid about a given field and the totality of rules for solving design problems in that field to achieve public or individual goals. Human society, as an organic system of relations formed by mutual interaction and joint activity based on the production of specific material goods. It is clear from the concepts that science, technology and human society are mutually encompassing and mutually constraining relationships.

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Firstly, the development of science and technology requires the support of society
Since the Renaissance in modern times, mankind has experienced three scientific and technological revolutions, each of which has led to huge leaps in productivity and has had a profound impact on the world’s economic development and changes in production and lifestyles. Since modern times, especially in the modern era, science and technology have been rapidly and massively transformed into productive forces, bringing unprecedented prosperity to human society. The rapid development of science and technology has been made possible by the hard work and support of society as a whole.
Secondly, the development of science and technology to promote the progress of society
1) Promote the rapid development of social productivity. Modern science and technology have changed the traditional mode of production, lowered the cost of production, improved the quality of products, and greatly increased labour productivity. 2) improve people’s material and spiritual and cultural living standards. The socialisation of the use of modern scientific and technological products has become a landscape of modern social life. People’s clothing, food, housing and transport are all closely related to modern science and technology, and modern scientific and technological products have gradually been applied to all aspects of social life, becoming an indispensable and important part of modern human daily life.
Thirdly, science and technology have, to a certain extent, given rising to worries in human society.
Information leakage, illegal extortion, human flesh search and cyber-violence are all forms of material gain that tempt predators to use science and technology such as cryptocurrency (Doge mama cryptocurrency) to give them the power to swallow social resources, reducing the cost of crime and causing social panic. People have easy access to resources of all kinds, are addicted to game software, social platforms, and use a gorgeous shell to cover up the emptiness and sinking of their hearts, and the fast-food information age also hopes that human beings will inject more nutrition into their minds.
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