Introduction To Blackjack

Do you know the reasons why blackjack is considered as one of the most popular casino games out there? It surely is featured in every online casino that you can find and it is certainly on the upper echelon of casino games offered in land-based gambling institutions.

Well, the reasons are plenty. First, blackjack is incredibly easy to understand. It is a simple game that requires some skill, but not as much as a traditional game of poker.

All you really need to remember is this: Your hand should beat the dealer’s hand. That is basically it. So, how do you beat the dealer’s cards? Well, the total value of your cards (you will only get two) should be equal or close to 21. That is basically it. If you get a much better value pair than the dealer’s, you basically win the game.

The Basics

What you need to remember is that blackjack is played either in a virtual blackjack table or a real one (inside a real casino). That being said, other players can sit beside you during a game but you will only have to go against the dealer, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the others.

That being said, the game begins by placing your wager at the specific spot on the table (do not worry, it will be marked on the felt).

Once that is done, the dealer will start getting cards from the shoe (assuming that it is a multi-deck configuration) and will each be handing cards out to the different players in a clockwise fashion.

Once all of the players (and the dealer) gets a pair, the cards will then be revealed to the player. The dealer? Well, they will help you out a little bit in defeating him/her by revealing one card from his hand (while the hole card, as it is called, is placed face-down for later).

As mentioned earlier, to win the game, you’d have to get to a total of 21 or something close to that number. To know the value of your cards, you need to know their equivalent points.

All of the numbered cards correspond to their numerical value. So, an 8-card is equivalent to 8 points, for example. The face cards or royal cards (as it is known by some players) are all equivalent to 10 points.

Now, you might be wondering what the ace card is valued at. Well, the ace card is pretty interesting. Let me explain.

The ace card can have two values: 1 or 11. The player decides which one is best for their situation. If the dealer gets an ace card that is placed face-up, the player can choose to get an insurance bet which just makes it so that you can still get something in the event that the dealer wins the game (of course, you can choose to decline the offer).

If you are happy with the cards that you’ve got, you gesture to the dealer that you will Stand. If you are unhappy and would wish to get another card to come up with a better hand, then you can gesture them to ‘Hit’.