Choosing the right men’s watches in Malaysia will fall upon a number of different factors. If you are going to give a watch to your husband, father, best friend, or any other man in your life, it is important that you know what you are looking for a great watch.

This article will feature some useful watch tips to help you in this endeavor, so do read the rest of the blog post to find out.

What is Their Personality?

There are so many watches out there and just by looking at the various options, you can easily get bombarded and you can get lost with the sea of different watch designs. But, you can narrow down your options by first knowing the personality of the person you’re gifting the watch to. Are they sporty? Do they usually go on casual adventures? Do they do extreme things? Or are they corporate people that always go on formal functions and events?

There is always a specific watch for every occasion, but it really helps if you know what the person you’re going to give the accessory to really wants.

Different Watches

I am going to talk about some of the most popular watch types out there. Sports watches are ideal for people who are active. These are timepieces that come with different functions such as a stopwatch, a chronograph, a compass, and a whole host of other features. You could say that they are a Swiss Army Knife of watches.

That being said, sports watches are almost always digital but there are some that have analog displays. Next is the dive watch. This type of watch is ideal for divers or people who frequent the sea or the pool.

They are made of durable materials and can withstand the pressure of the water up to a considerable degree. Of course, dive watches are only meant for casual affairs or if one goes to the beach quite often. However, I would make the exception for the Omega Seamaster or the Rolex Submariner as both are classy enough to be worn on formal events.

So, what about for formal occasions? Ideally, you want a watch that has a rather simple design. You can either go for a stainless steel metal strap or you can go for a leather strap because of them can really help accentuate a man’s look.

Buy the Correct Size

It is important that if you are buying a watch for someone that it actually fits their wrists. It is quite unflattering to see someone who wears a watch that really doesn’t go well with their wrist size.

Ideally, you want to measure their wrist size so that you can get an accurate measurement. But, if you want to surprise the person you are giving the watch to, you can instead try to gauge the size of their wrist on your head and go to the watch dealer to help you.

Typically, guys with smaller wrists are given watches with diameters ranging from 36mm- 42mm. Bigger guys would be given a watch that measures around 40mm- 46mm.