There are so many things in the world that we have not tried yet. So, why not pick up a new hobby? Hobbies are great because they are activities that we can do with little to no commitment, depending on how much we like the activity. So, in midst of work and our daily lives, let’s try to make every day productive and worth it. There are so many activities we could pick up as a hobby to make our everyday lives more exciting. Even learning can be considered a hobby. For instance, you could learn how to cycle or how to knit and crochet. Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can try. You just have to have the courage and motivation to do it. Thus, let’s get into some of the hobbies you can try out:


As mentioned before, hobbies are something that needs little to no commitment. Cooking is one of the best hobbies you can try out. This is because you can go all in or simply do it casually. Maybe look up a few recipes or try to make a creation of your own. That’s the beauty of cooking. You can do almost anything. I’ve once cooked rice in curry just for the fun of it and it turned out pretty good. The point is, you can try almost anything with cooking and baking too. You just have to have the confidence that you can do it. 


Remember how I said that learning can be a hobby too? Well, you can learn how to cycle. You’d be surprised by how many people still do not know how to ride a bicycle. Well, this is your sign to try! You could even practice with training wheels. You have to remember that there’s no shame in using training wheels because everyone learns at different parts of their lives. Some people did not really have the privilege of learning at a young age. So, even if you’re in your 30s, try and learn how to ride a bike. If you’ve already mastered cycling, then you could make it an everyday activity. Moreover, it’s a healthy hobby that can make you break a sweat and relax too so why not, right? It is never too late to learn how to cycle so try it out.

Scuba Diving

This is another thing you can fully commit to or simply do it casually. Scuba diving is a really fun activity that allows you to relax while enjoying the beauty of nature under the sea. Filled with colourful underwater growth as well as pretty species of marine life. If you happen to fall in love with this activity, you could even get a diving license Malaysia so that you can do it more often, even without supervision.


I know this one sounds a bit boring but come on, the ability to make your own clothes sounds awesome. I’ve seen a few people who picked up sewing as a hobby and successfully made beautiful dresses or make their own jeans. It’s a relaxing and tireless hobby for you to try out.