Glossy and Matte Tiles

Consider combining tile selection finishes. For a subtler backsplash choice, go for a combination of matte and glossy tiles. This specific backsplash is composed of tiles measuring 2 inches by 8 inches. Two thirds of this have a matte finish.

Dark Colors

Believe it or not, most interior design firms in Malaysia are now gearing towards dark colors for a more remarkable look. Dark colors are good choices for those who want to create some contrast to their white cabinetry, or complement their dark countertops.

Painted Cabinets and Wood Cabinets

More and more interior designers are now using warm wood for their white cabinets. This helps break up all of the big expanses of white, and then introduce new shades of warmth and texture. If you are thinking of changing your kitchen design soon, try incorporating wood and painted cabinets in your space.

Three-Tone kitchen Designs

Two-tone kitchen cabinets have dominated the market for many years. But, now, three-tone kitchens are taking over. This trend is definitely worth exploring. In this set up, one material or color is introduced to produce asymmetry that keeps the eyes moving, and define zones.

Wood cabinets

Grain and wood are beautiful patterns–works of art produced by talented cabinetmakers, artisans and designers. This 2020, one type of wood is set to stand out, and that is walnut. Walnut is an inviting, elegant, warm and rich type of wood, making it excellent for lively kitchens.

Multifunctional island centers

Kitchen islands are not really new, but they are rapidly evolving. More and more homeowners are taking these features beyond just storage. For many households, more island islands, more function.